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Dadi is also a founding member of Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP). He serves as the Head of Departments and is involved in many of PLP’s community service projects, such as, Mentor a Child. Dadi has played an instrumental role in launching Walk to Remember since its inception and, in 2010, lead Walk to Remember activities in Kenya. He is a leader among his peers who is highly respected for his work-ethic and integrity. Dadi works in Business Development for AXIS, the leading IT firm in Kigali, and is currently assisting in the coordination of Walk to Remember activities in Rwanda and throughout East Africa.

1) Why do you participate as an organizer for W2R? What drives you? 
Reasons for being one of the organizers of Walk to Remember are many, some of them being personal and others, social reasons. Walk to Remember intends to promote unity and reconciliation and having seen what divisionism and hatred can do a country I must do everything I can to have a united society so that it never happens again.
2) What makes you proud to be Rwandan? 
Hummm, well…a lot of things, the culture, the values, the 1000 hills, and the leadership of the country
3) What do you wish people knew about Rwanda? 
Well, I just wish they knew Rwanda the way it is now. I wish people would just update their views on Rwanda.
4) What is your vision for Rwanda and the entire continent in ten years? 
The vision I have for Rwanda in the next ten years is a united people and a stable country, economically and socially. For the continent, I’d love to see Africa stable politically and self-sustainable in terms of production.
5) How do you bring about change in your community? 
I think the best way to bring change in a society is by being the change yourself. I always try to do the right thing so that I can bring change.
6) What do you think is the leading cause of war or genocide in one word? 
Hatred (and evil) 
7) If you were asked to describe yourself with one word, what would it be? 
8) What do you want to be remembered for? 
Someone who had a good impact on people’s lives.
9) Favorite Rwandan delicacy? 
Ikivuguto (milk)
10) Your definition of success? 
Accomplishing good acts
Bonus: What song makes you want to bust a move?   “Back it up and Dump it” by Cali Swag District, but I don’t “bust a move”, I retired 😛
Thanks, Dadi!! 

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