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Denis has been an active member of PLP since 2007 and joined the Walk to Remember team in 2010.  Denis worked with our team in Rwanda to implement the in-country walk while serving as our media point person.  With Denis’ assistance, Walk to Remember was granted airtime on all of Kigali’s premier radio stations. He also played a role in organizing our celebrity interviews and adverts with Rwanda’s most talented artists, such as Alpha, Miss Jojo, Riderman, etc. Denis is known for his joyful spirit and dependability.  He currently works for MTN Communications and plays an integral role in the coordination of Walk to Remember activities in Rwanda and throughout East Africa. 



1) Why do you participate as an organizer for W2R? What drives you? 
 I think its my responsibility to be the change I want to see. I think no one else is responsible to do it. I make it personal. I want to make the world a better place and after all I want to sit down, assess myself and see what I can or can’t do by myself. I am also training myself to do great things in the future. The love of my country drives me. 


2) What makes you proud to be Rwandan? 
 I am called Rwandan wherever I go. I am proud of the way Rwanda is developing, Reconciling, Peace, and the way Rwandans are receiving salvation.
3) What do you wish people knew about Rwanda?
I wish they knew how united we are, and recovering from the ashes of 1994.  I wish people knew how we are developing, how education is promoted and how standards of living of Rwandans are increasing day by day.
4) What is your vision for Rwanda and the entire continent in ten years? 
My vision for Rwanda and the entire continent is too see people independent in all aspects of life without begging from Bazungus.
5) How do you bring about change in your community? 
I bring about change in my community by giving more time to vulnerable people through counseling and helping as well as spreading the gospel because by knowing the character of God their lives can be transformed completely.   
6) What do you think is the leading cause of war or genocide in one word? 
7) If you were asked to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? 
8) What do you want to be remembered for? 
I have always dreamt of becoming a great person who brought change in the community, to have lived a different life and to do what other people don’t do.
9) Favorite Rwandan delicacy?  
Ikijumba and milk 
10) Your definition of success? 
To obey God’s laws. 
Bonus: What song makes you want to bust a move?
I feel like falling in love with you” by Darlene



Thanks, Denis!!




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