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Richard is also a member of Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP). He served as the Head of UNC Departments and is involved in many of PLP‘s community service projects, such as, The Watchman. Richard has been a member of the Walk to Remember organizing team since 2009.  In 2010, he had the privilege of addressing over 5,000+ of his countrymen and women while sharing the stage with President Paul Kagame. He is a leader among his peers who is known for his amazing voice and friendly demeanor. Richard is studying IT at the National University of Rwanda in Butare and is currently assisting in the coordination of Walk to Remember activities in Rwanda and throughout East Africa.

1) Why do you participate as an organizer for W2R? What drives you?  

2) What makes you proud to be Rwandan? 

3) What do you wish people knew about Rwanda? 

4) What is vision for Rwanda and the entire continent in ten years?  

5) How do you bring about change in your community? 

6) What do you think is the leading cause of war or genocide in one word?  Selfishness 
7) If you were asked to describe yourself with one word, what would it be?    Lazy

8) What do you want to be remembered for?  

9) Favorite Rwandan delicacy? 

10) Your definition of success?  

Bonus: What song makes you want to bust a move?  

Thanks, Richard!! 
Lucky Dube all time heat: “

Together as One 

I share this definition with someone else who said: “It’s simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do.”


Cow milk, and ugali


I want to be remembered for having tried my level best to do what is right and that I might have reached somewhere in my journey.


I learn from the best to be a better person in order for me to be a living testimony of the change I am looking for: it is a journey towards perfection.


I am looking forward to seeing Rwanda rise as an economic superpower in Africa and a school for development that was built on true reconciliation of the people and an everlasting unity. I also see an Africa free of war that rises to teach the world the values of a real human because I believe those values lie in the cradle of humanity which is Africa. 


The thirst for a better united and developed nation we carry in our hearts as Rwandans.


What makes me proud to be Rwandan is first of all the beauty of the country (physical aspects: the thousand hills, lakes, the cool weather, etc.) then the way we as Rwandans have conditioned ourselves to believe that we are better than people from other countries which makes us love the country more and more every day knowing this: God spends his day travelling the world and when it to comes to rest and relax he is in Rwanda.


W2R is a chance given to me to make the world a better place without me worrying about how influent or wealthy I am. I am driven by the thirst of harmony and peace.  


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