Why I Walk – Richard Rusa, Founder & Organizer



I walk to pay a tribute to all the innocent individuals we lost. I walk to wipe away my innermost tears and sorrow. I walk to denounce evil. I walk to make peace with the past. I walk to assert my engagement in proclaiming peace and unity to the people. I walk to carry and proclaim hope to the hopeless. I walk to declare victory over genocidal ideologies. I walk to affirm that youth is the power. I walk to leave a legacy that will be carried on by the next generations later on. I walk to never stop. I walk the talk: Genocide, Never again! I walk towards restoration. I walk towards destiny. I walk for a step ahead towards a brighter future and a step away from the darkest times. I walk for the orphans, widows and all the survivors. I walk because I’m a pilgrim trying to change his ways in order to change the world. I walk because life is a walk, and the journey is still on after all. I walk because, on my way, I will find you, and you will walk beside me. I walk with you, because there is strength in togetherness.   Richard Rusa, Founder & Organizer, Walk to Remember Rwanda

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