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In 2009, “Walk to Remember” was conceived by the members of Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) to empower the youth of Rwanda and around the world to take a stand against genocide. By using the walk as a platform to educate the youth about genocide, PLP uses knowledge as a means for prevention. As an annual event promoting unity and reconciliation, the first Walk to Remember was organized by PLP in partnership with Aegis Students, on the 16th of May 2009 in Kigali, Rwanda. The event was deemed a success with over 1,200 participants. In an effort to continue to promote genocide awareness and prevention, PLP and Aegis Students have joined forces with As We Forgive Rwanda Initiative and CNLG to ensure Walk to Remember will become a global event and share the message of unity, reconciliation, and acceptance throughout the world.

In 2010, the walk remembered victims of all genocides and was used as a platform from which the lessons of Rwanda’s genocide were learned by youths in different countries. Young leaders in Rwanda were connected with their fellow leaders in different countries around the world – particularly within the East African Community. Together they worked to empower and engage the local community to stand against the divisive ideology that can lead to genocide through organizing Walk to Remember and related activities in their respective countries as a starting point to a longer engagement. Walk to Remember 2010 was deemed a success with the average of 700 in other countries and over 6,000 participants in Rwanda.

Walk to Remember 2011 took place on four continents, in nine countries, and in seventeen cities. This walk and all future walks are modeled after Walk to Remember 2010 with the same mission; to remember victims of genocide worldwide and to empower and engage local communities around the world to stand against the divisive ideology that can lead to genocide.  In 2012, Walk to Remember added a walk in China, Canada, and two in the USA.  In 2013, Walk to Remember will continue to share our mission with the world and develop our companion guide for programming leading up to the walk.

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