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Walk to Remember will work to raise awareness of and commemorate genocides and mass atrocities that have happened around the world. It is our goal to encourage young people to be active in fighting prejudice, intolerance and hatred in their own communities. The Walk to Remember consists of five parts: Training Program for Rwandan Team Mobilization Period – Rwanda and East Africa, Canada, India, UK and USA On-site Preparation Power of Image Walk to Remember Event Aim: To commemorate the genocide in Rwanda and remember victims of other genocides and mass atrocities To educate young people about the causes and consequences of genocide and to highlight the role and responsibility young people have to help prevent such atrocities now and in the future To provide a platform from which the youth of the world can speak out To make ‘Never Again’ truly ‘Never Again’ by equipping students with necessary tools and understanding to take a stand against genocide within their own communities and abroad Objectives: To actively engage the youth of Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi in an ongoing commitment to the concept of ‘Never Again’ To deliver awareness raising events in each country by holding film screenings and…